Dr. Hugo De Burgos

Dr. Hugo De Burgos, PhD. is an anthropologist, filmmaker, activist, academic, musician, poet, and medical Professor of anthropology of the University of British Columbia in Canada. Among his more recent distinctions is the recognition as one of the ten most influential Hispanics in Canada in 2013. In 2012 received the Paul Farmer Award by his work as a teacher of higher education highlighted. In 2010, he received the Public Anthropology’s Eleanor Roosevelt Global Citizenship Award. Less than 1% of the professors of anthropology in North America receive this recognition. He has also received fellowships in the social sciences by the Izaak Killam Memorial Scholarships and Government of Canada’s Social Sciences Award. Member of the national associations of anthropology in Canada and the United States, and in 1998, is also a along with his wife Cecilia, founded the Museum of Ethnology and history Octavio Burgos, in his native San Sebastian, in the Department of San Vicente.

Dr. Hugo De Burgos will be joining the World Water Week celebration during the Celebratory Water Ceremonies on March 19th, 2015 with his band to perform some original music.