Thank You!

We have had another very successful World Water Week at UBCO! From panel discussions, film viewings, opening ceremonies, keynote addresses and water conservation games, our goal has been met to raise awareness for water related issues, and sustainable development.

From all members of the World Water Committee we thank each and every one of you. Contributors, attendees, and those who came and visited our site. Every ounce of awareness matters! It is our hope that you consider water conservation and issues, not only through Water Week, but continue to make small but overall significant changes in your day to day routine.

Thank you, once again!

Embodying Water and Sustainable Development

Thinking about water and sustainable development, concept body artist Emma Fay created the above art, capturing the very extremes of water management on a human canvas. Water flowing from pristine nature to a whirlpool of waste, making a sharp division between those that have and those that do not have. The pair of jeans is a reminder of the 10 000 litres of water required for its production.

Emma Fay is inspired by evolution, origins and mind sets, and to create this fine piece of body art, some 8 hours of work and a very patient model were needed.

Events Start Tonight!

Tonight we get started at UBC Okanagan with the panel discussion on critical issues surrounding water and sustainable development! The panel discussion will begin at 5PM, followed by a viewing of the new movie and winner of the Canadian International Film Festival’s Award of Excellence “The Paddler”.

Filmmaker and Star to Join Panel Discussion – March 17th, 2015

“The Paddler” has received the award of excellence by the Canadian International Film Festival this year. The attached article details Bob Purdy and Carey Missler’s journey in making the film, and their reaction to winning this award.

Bob and Carey will be joining us as panel members on March 17th, 2015, and following the discussion there will be a showing of “The Paddler”.